Memorabilia of Binzhou port

Inland port stage

1969-Two 500 - ton berth ages of Dong Feng port started construction in the west coast of Taoer River.

1971-DongFeng port formally put into operation .

1999-Binzhou competed with Huanghua for the construction of Shenhua Group ' access to the sea

1991.6-Huimin prefecture (Binzhou) sets up a special Port Construction Preparation and Construction Office.

1992.5- Binzhou Port Construction Office established.

In late 1991 and early 1992-The Shandong provincial government respectively held "Shenmu coal export port of Binzhou Port route Program" large expert argumentation in Binzhou and Beijing .

1992.4-The government ultimately determine built the Shenmu coal export port in Hebei Huanghua, Binzhou with regret and missed the opportunity.

1992.7- The Provincial Planning Commission approved the construction of two 3000 ton bulk salt berth in Taoer River things.

1994.7- The State Development Planning Commission approved the feasibility study report of the first phase project of Binzhou port, agreed  to built two 10000 ton Wharf in the tidal estuary of Chao River, in the meanwhile, the commission also approved  the construction of two 3000 ton berths ten kilometers distant from the sea on the taoer river.

the end of 1994- the main project of Two 3000 ton bulk salt berths completed.

1995-The state approved Binzhou two 10000 ton level berths, a salt berths, a bulk cargo berth.

1997.3-the construction of two flow guiding jetty in Taoer River started, planing to be building a million ton terminal.

1997-Binzhou experienced a damage high tide, the construction of the port suffered heavy losses.

1998- port construction suspended due to funding difficulties.

Harbor stage

In May 28, 2005, the enlarged meeting of the Municipal Standing Committee conducted a special research and deployment to speed up the construction of Binzhou port. The meeting developed a waterway dredging, proposed port, fishing ports, shipbuilding, oil and salt chemical industry "five one" general working idea. Since then, Binzhou port began its role as Harbor and the million ton port building curtain is opened.

2006-"The overall planning of Binzhou port" was approved by the Binzhou City Hall.

2006.26-Binzhou Port Co., Ltd was established.

2007-Binzhou City Hall identified the" to promote the city through the connected port" strategy , promoting the construction of ten thousand ton level ports in Binzhou.

2010-Binzhou city seize the "yellow and blue development" opportunity, made the Binzhou port as the "key project" of 2011.

2010.3-the Port Road of Binzhou Port began build.

2010.4-the  construction  of the first phase of the  harbor breakwater and seawall officially started , large-scale development and construction of Binzhou port began.

2010.4-Binzhou port 2 x 30000 ton wharf and subsidiary project officially started .

2010.9.30-Port Road opened to traffic.

2010.12.17-The people's Government of Shandong Province  issued "The notice about identifying Binzhou port, Dongying Port and Weifang port as 3 important port of Shandong Province", Binzhou port was promoted to an area important port

2012.3.5-The modified 'Overall Planning of Binzhou port (2011-2030)' was approved by the provincial government and Department of Transportation.

2012.7.15-Four 25 tons, up to 33 meters of luffing crane installed.

2013.5.16-the first phase project of Binzhou harbor breakwater constructed by Yantai Environmental Dredging Company was successfully accepted by the provincial quality supervision station.

2013.8.15-The construction of the two phase of the project of breakwater was began.

2013.10.10-the Binzhou City Hall held a special meeting on the city's port open work to  arrange the application work of the Binzhou port as a "First class port". The port of Binzhou officially ready to apply as first class port.

2013.10.12- the crown No. 1, Hing Wah No. 8 and Tongda No. 698 (5000 tons -7000 tons) From Yantai successful docked in Binzhou port; on 13th, the 10000 ton ship "Hao Chang No. 6" docked at Binzhou port. That means the 2x3 million ton bulk cargo wharf successfully put into  operation.

2013.12.30-Binzhou port water supply project completed, Binzhou port dispatch center officially pass water.

2014.5.20-Binzhou Port Co., Ltd went public.

2014.8.14-The signing ceremony of  "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between the Binzhou Port Group Co., Ltd and Binzhou government and the " Binzhou Port General Wharf Project Joint Venture Framework Agreement " between the Qingdao port (Group) Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Port International Limited was held in Binzhou, Binzhou port officially cooperate with Qingdao port.

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