Enterprise Investment Advantage

Enterprise Investment Advantage

1.Hinterland Advantage

With advanced economy development of Hinterland of BinZhou Port, according to the latest ranking of cities issued by First Finance and Economics Weekly in the year 2013,Binzhou municipal was listed as third-tier cities and the Well-Being Index ranks top five in the nation. with 3.77 million population, the city has a land area of 9,600 square kilometers  which covers one thousandth of the  total area in China. In 2013,the city’s GDP was up to 215.5 billion, ranking 13th  in Shandong province and 77th in China. Advantage industries have been formed including petrochemical industry, salt industry, the textile industry, building materials industry and chemical industry, with local pilla r enterprises such as Weiqiao Group, Lubei Chemical Group, the Yaguang Group, Binhua Co. Besides, with the development of steel industries in Jinan and Laiwu, petrochemical industry, petroleum products building material and ceramic industry,etc in Zibo city, the  developed industry boasts a huge market and a strong demand for freight transportation, which means a great advantage of Binzhou Port.

2. Rich Land Resource

The total area of Beihai economic zone, lying in Binzhou Port covers 1500  square kilometers, with 67,000 thousand population, an area  with the most occupation of each person in land.

With an area of about 1.56 million mu beaches, 1.50 million mu supratidal zone , a minus 10 meters shallow waters and 1.33 million mu alkaline areas, Binzhou port is one of the richest backup land resources in coastal areas of China, providing abundant land resources for the development of the port and port-related industries.

3. Traffic Regional Advantages

With convenient transportation around, Binzhou city and binzhou port are the north gate of Shandong province,which is Adjacent to 205 national road, connected by G25, G18 two highways and S320、S237、S239、S312、S364、S302 six provincial roads , connected with Beijing, tianjin, jinan, Qingdao, yantai and other important cities and the surrounding economic zone by highways.

At present, the port area has first-class highway and railway reserve zone. Bingang raiway is connected with Binzhou port in the north, Jiaoji railway in the south and Delonyan railway lines in the middle. The first phase has been completed and the 70 kilometers of the second phase of the project has been approved by the provincial development and reform commission, which will be launched this year. The existing Bohai Bay Rim highway planning will be extended to the Binzhou port to achieve docking from G18 Higway. Then it only takes an hour's drive to Beijing and Tianjin, and only 30 minutes to Huanghua port.

4.Win-win Cooperation with Qingdao Port

Binzhou Port has signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement on General Wharf of BinzhouPort with Qingdao Port, which contributes to the development of Binzhou Port and lays a solid foundation for the future of the rapid and sound development for Binzhou Port by its rich experience and resources as the national top five port.

The two sides will cooperate on two 30,000-ton level general wharf in the form of joint venture lease operating two 30,000-ton level general wharf  and the joint venture company is under preparation.

5. Industry Support

A good industry layout in and around Binzhou port has been planned and formed scientifically. The first is green chemical industry; the second is harbor industry; the third is harbor logistics industry; the fourth is advanced manufacturing; the fifth is a modern service industry; the sixth is the modern fishery and salt industry and the seventh is the new energy industry. Currently, a group of the world top 500, leading industries and the listed companies have been settled around Binzhou port, such as Weiqiao Group, Binhua Co. Ltd, Angel Yeast Co. , Ltd, the Innovation Group, Lizhong Group, Shandong Coking Group.

6. Comparison of Throughput between Binzhou Port and the surrounding ports

In 2013, the throughput of Binzhou port has overtaken Dongying port. With the construction of harbor port, Binzhou port is bound to become a regional focus and main port.

7. Rich Tourism Resources

There’s rich tourist resources near binzhou port and the hinterland, such as National Wetland Park of The Yellow River Island, Nature Reserve Wetland of Shell and Bank Island,  the Fishing songs in Beihai, Sea Fishing Base, Beihai SheCu, Tour Saltworks, Ecological Science Center, Birds Paradise, etc.

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