Investment Policy Preferences

Investment Policy Preferences

1. Preferential Policies:

(1)On the basis of the new policy in Beihai new district, a percentage of the reward will be given by the Port Group according to the amount of investment in fixed assets and the industrial structure.

(2)According to the relevant national land policy, preferential policies will be given to those with especially huge fixed assets investment, or high-tech projects approved by the related department at or above the provincial level.

(3)For those social public utilities projects in the mode of BT, BOT, BOOT, preferences can be given to the investors according to the scale of investment, science and technology content, the financial contribution and development potential of the project.

2.The Service Policy:

At present, The Group has established "green channel" to examine and approve Binzhou port projects, that is, all the projects within the scope of Binzhou port, regardless of project size, enter "green channel", accepted, coped and approved instantly. Service work on the investment environment investigation, information consultation, investment guidance, applying procedures, financing laws and regulations will be provided.

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